President’s Message and Highlights – April 2016

A Letter from the President
Hello Northern,

Well, by all the images that were posted of me at our April workshop you would have thought that I was the only one having a blast…but that couldn’t be farther from the truth! We had another awesome workshop this month with Carl Caylor! Thank you so much WHCC for sponsoring Carl and allowing him to come and share his artistry and heart with us. He continues to be one of the best in the industry…simply amazing…

(Seriously…why was everyone pointing their camera at me…! LOL )

We had a great turnout and the “buzz” before, during and after the workshop at our cocktail hour was so fun.

Carl had so many great things to say about our members and he REALLY LOVED our “cocktail hour” so much that he is going to do that with his group back in WI. There is no doubt that our “family” is growing in size, but more importantly in terms of the quality and professionalism that Northern continues to define.

Let’s keep this momentum going…

How can we continue the momentum you ask? The answer is two-fold…

First…we, as the Northern Board, promise to continue providing the best leadership and quality educational workshops where we can cultivate an environment where each of us can grow together and build friendships.

Secondly…we ask each of you, as Northern members, to continue to do your part in building Northern. I would like to challenge you not only make each Northern workshop a priority, but also BRING ONE FRIEND to our May workshop! It’s going to be incredible, especially if you have never seen Jessica Edwards share what has made her studio such a success; she is amazing. Remember…BRING ONE FRIEND…and let’s pack the house!

I know it’s been a while since PPA’s District Competition but we definitely need to give a shout out to all our members who did so well:

Top 10 District – PO

10th Peter Yu

Top 10 District – MA

3rd Peggy Sue Seehafer

4th Jim Pierce

Category Award

Non-Event Album

2nd Peggy Sue Seehafer

Top 10 Illinois

1st Audrey Wancket

2nd Christie Kline

3rd Daniel Thornton

*4th Peter Yu

5th Mark Woods

6th Lisa Francescon

*7th Jean Jung McBride

*8th Brian Morrison

9th Shelly Kraemer

10th Paul Rogers

*PPANI member

PPANI Member Results

Pam Cather – 4 for 4

Sabina Cavalli – 3 for 4

Rosemary Cooper – 2 for 8

Megan Drane – 3 for 4

Beth Genengels – 3 for 4

Maria Heineman – 4 for 4

Sarah Johnston – 3 for 4

Jean Jung-McBride – 3 for 4

Brian Morrison – 5 for 8

Michael Novo – 4 for 4

Jim Pierce – 7 for 8

Peggy Sue Seehafer – 6 for 8

Kelli Svancarek – 4 for 4

Richard Trummer – 2 for 4

John Tulipano – 1 for 4

Kerri Weiss – 4 for 8

Peter Yu – 4 for 4

While I am proud of all our members I am especially proud of those members that took a leap of faith and entered their first PPA affiliate photographic competition…each of them earning their first [soon to be] merits, or more specifically seal(s) toward their International Photographic Competition (IPC) exhibition merit!

Congratulations to Megan Drane, Beth Genengels, Jean Jung-McBride and John Tulipano…you are your way!

I would encourage every member that has not entered yet…talk to each of these members about whether you should enter or not…really ask them…! ☺ Our May meeting will also include a print competition, this would be the perfect opportunity to submit some of your images and get some feedback. Please see the detailed instructions regarding this print competition below.

Speaking of IPC, here are the dates to remember:

Registration opens: May 23, 2016

Early registration deadline: June 22, 2016

Late registration deadline: July 7, 2016 (with additional fee)

As I already mentioned Jessica Edwards is our next speaker in May 11th and you won’t want to miss her…if you haven’t been to a workshop this year ask other members that have attended our workshops…trust me…

I am pretty sure what they’ll say is…you’re missing out! Jessica is sooooo funny… and she is relevant…

Seriously…here are our next three amazing three speakers:

May 11: Jessica Edwards – Senior Photography: “Be the Trend” – PROCAM, 4300 Westbrook, Aurora, IL

June 8: Emily Andrews – Promotions, Sales and Marketing – PROCAM, 4300 Westbrook, Aurora, IL

September 8: Barbara Breitsameter – BARK of Sophistication – PROCAM, 4300 Westbrook, Aurora, IL

Visit our website at and register TODAY!

Until next time my friends,

Peter Yu
PPANI President 2016
M.Photog. Cr., CPP, F-PPANI, F-APPI

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