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Code of Ethics

As an applicant for membership into the Professional Photographers Association of Northern Illinois, Inc., I agree do abide by the following code of ethics set forth by the Professional Photographers of America, Inc., of which this association is a Local Affiliate Chapter; and this organization. Upon approval of membership into the Professional Photographers Association of Northern Illinois, Inc., I hereby subscribe, without reservation, to this code of ethics and do solemnly agree that I will:
a) Endeavor to enhance and ennoble the status of the photographic profession by maintaining a dignity or manner in my behavior, in the presentation of my photography and accompanying services, in the appearance of my place of business, and in all other forms of public contact.
b) Observe the highest standard of honesty in all my transactions, avoiding the use of false titles, confusing or inaccurate terms or descriptions, and mislead ing terms and claims.
c) At all times endeavor to produce only those types of photography and services that will enhance the prestige of the profession, to apply only my best efforts on behalf of the public, and to play my part in raising the standard of photographic craftsmanship.
d) Show a friendly spirit of co-operation with my fellow photographers and assist them, when possible, should they be in trouble or difficulty.
e) At all times avoid the use of unfair competitive practices as determined by any court of competent jurisdiction, the Federal anti-trust laws, and related statutes.
f) Assist and give my knowledge to fellow members and encourage them individually and collectively to help raise the standards of photography.
g) Recognize the authority of the Professional Photographers of America, Inc., the parent organization, in all matters pertaining to the interpretation of this code in accordance with the statutes of the United States and the various states and the decisions of the courts and governmental agencies of competent jurisdiction.

It is understood that the applicant warrants that the information given on this application is true in all respects. The applicant further recognizes the power of the Board of Directors to withdraw membership without prejudice or liability if any of the above information is found to be a misrepresentation.
I agree

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