Letter From the President – June

A Letter from the President
Hello Northern!

What an amazing first half of the year! It was great to see many of you at our last two workshops with Jessica Edwards and Emily Andrews.

We also had a great time watching print competition in May and sharing a drink during our “cocktail hour”. Thank you PROCAM for allowing us to have our cocktail hour during our print competition. Sabina Cavalli also served as one of our jurors and did an amazing job!

It was great to see many of our long-standing members, such as Marie and Matt Kane as well as Kathryn Northcott. They have been such integral members of Northern and we look forward to seeing many more of you for the remainder of the 2016 workshops.

Serving our members has and always will be a core value statement by building the highest quality education for professional photographers.

The Board would like to welcome the following new members that have joined our great Northern family this year:

Luranne Beck
Tim Somers
Sabina Cavalli
Scott McDougall
Jean Jung-McBride
Ben Urbina
Nicole Waite
Paul Stankiewicz
Julie Kaplan
Brandi Orlando
Laura Dajoraite
Kim Ayars
Rebecca Campbell
We look forward to many more years of friendship as we help each other elevate our art and craft as professional photographers!

As many of you know, I am a firm believer in honest dialogue as we build friendships. I must share a short story with you that I had with one of our members which was both a bit “funny” but also very revealing about perceptions. During our dialogue it was mentioned that Northern was “perceived” as a “prestigious” and “hoity-toity” bunch. As I probed deeper into trying to understand we had a great laugh because as it turns out we are not “hoity-toity” based on her personal experience and interaction with our membership…and we are actually a “down to earth” and “fun” group to belong to (I guess the secret is out!).

I did, however, mention that being “prestigious” is not necessarily a bad thing…in fact it is a good thing as long as we balance that with a sense of humility. I believe that Northern has always had some level of prestige because of our constant desire to strive for excellence and the highest quality of education we bring to our membership.

Glad we were able to clarify that confusion…so we have one more “happy” Northern member… Whew! ☺

As many of you know, PPA’s IPC print competition registration has been open and I hope that each of you register your cases soon. Early registration is June 22nd and late registration is July 7th. IPC judging happens August 1st – 4th.

Good luck to everyone…
On the subject of print competition…congrats to everyone that entered our competition in May. Here are some of the highlights:

Congratulations to all of our award winners!

Best Black & White

“Intensity” by Kerri Weiss

Best Artist

“Days Gone By” by Michael Novo

Best Portrait

“Sabina” by Maria Heineman

Best Illustrative

“Just Hanging Around” by Kerri Weiss

Best Wedding

“A Moment” by Michael Novo

Best Commercial

“Gulp” by Michael Novo

Best of Show

“Sabina” by Maria Heineman

Here is quick summary from Bruce VanPelt, PPANI Print Comp Chairman:

We had 68 entries from 12 makers. The breakdown is as follows:

35 Portraits
14 Illustrative
4 Wedding
6 Commercial
9 Artist
No count for B&W from the above categories.

We had no physical entries and 68 digital entries.

We had 49 that scored 80 or above (President’s Award) 49/68 or 72%.

I want to thank my great print crew: Michael Novo and John Tulipano. Thanks to Michael Novo for running the new print handling and scoring system.

Thanks to the Judges: Peter Yu, Sabina Cavelli, Jessica Edwards


Finally, just to let everyone know Northern takes July and August off and will return to our regular programming on September 14th where we will welcome Barbara Breitsameter with her amazing pet photography workshop…the buzz is already in the air on this one so I would register early…

Here is the lineup for the September and October meetings.

September 14: Barbara Breitsameter – “Dog Photography with a BARK of Sophistication” – PROCAM, 4300 Westbrook, Aurora, IL

October 12: Peggy Sue Seehafer – “Fine Art with Photography” – PROCAM, 4300 Westbrook, Aurora, IL

Visit our website at www.ppani.org and register TODAY!

Until next time, my friends,

Peter Yu
PPANI President 2016
M.Photog. Cr., CPP, F-PPANI, F-APPI

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