Letter From the President – February

A Letter from the President
February 17, 2015
Hello my fellow Northern-ites,

Well…our first Northern meeting was pretty much EPIC!!!!

Some of the amazing highlights include:

One of the highest entries in recent history…of 136 images judged!
The debut of PrintCompetition.com at Northern!! Huge thanks to Brian Morrison and Bruce Van Pelt!
Some amazing laughs and great conversations with friends on their way to great things…
One our new members entering her first print competition and almost winning best of show!!!
Siri making her [perfectly timed] debut as the 8th juror on our panel!!!! REALLY!!!! LOL
Although this was my first Northern All-Day Competition that I didn’t enter a case since becoming a member…I was nervously excited for other reasons. I am a firm believer in giving back and I couldn’t wait to see how many of my friends would do, especially some of our new members entering their first PPA affiliate competition. Well…I am proud to say that the results are in and you all did amazingly well…and learning was going on! Congrats especially to Julie Mettler and Megan Drane for rocking their first ever print comp images and for receiving several hard-earned merits by each of them! Also, kudos to one of our newer members, Jean Jung-McBride for almost winning Best of Show in her first showing! Next stop Districts…

Julie pretty much summed it up by saying “I don’t know why I waited so long to enter…”

…so if you are still not sure or nervous…just come and ask Julie or Megan if you should enter…!

(BTW…for those that didn’t come you also missed Siri, as our unexpected 8th member of the panel, making her own comments during a live judging…YOU HAD TO BE THERE! EPIC!!)

So now that you have a good handle on your images…time to register for APPI’s PhotoWorld where Illinois has the privilege of hosting the PPA’s North Central District photographic competition during March 18-21, 2016! Whether you are entering or just coming to watch you need to be there! (Deadline for entry is March 10).

A shout out to Bert and Al Behnke who have put together an incredible all-star lineup including Sandy Puc, Russ Harrington, Bry Cox, Jeff Dachowski, etc… just to name a few…

PhotoWorld Chicago

Let’s represent Northern BIG TIME at PhotoWorld… a little Northern “cocktail hour” tradition may be in order…

Looking forward to our next month’s workshop we will be featuring one of the country’s most amazing fine art photographers and artist in Maria Bernal. Not only will you be inspired and learn a great deal you will earn a PPA merit as the Board has received approval to be a PPA Merit Class! Thank you to ProCam for being our amazing host; if you haven’t been to ProCam it is an amazing store with all of your needs with great customer service.

Thank you to our esteemed panel of jurors that did an amazing job: Maria Bernal, Dan Thornton, Audrey Wancket, Ken Meade, Shelly Kraemer, Ned Winn and their fearless and “somewhat” comical Jury Chair Bob Hawkins. ☺

…and last but not least I want to thank each and every Northern Board member who continues to selflessly volunteer their time to serve our “Northern” family in making our group the best there is…it should be every member’s aspiration to serve on the Northern Board to see what it takes to run a high-caliber organization…


I would like to end with one of the best [and unsolicited] quotes of all time…by one of our newest members and “cheerleader extraordinaire” Sabina Cavalli:

”this is crazy…where can you get this quality of education for $50”!?!?

True…so true…so renew your membership…ASAP…and I hope to see all of you in March!

Here are our next three amazing three speakers:

March 9: Maria Bernal – Portraiture Merit Class – PROCAM, 4300 Westbrook, Aurora, IL

April 13: Carl Caylor – Before, After, and How to Get There – Ellwood House, 509 N. 1st St., DeKalb, IL

May 11: Jessica Edwards – Senior Photography: “Be the Trend” – PROCAM, 4300 Westbrook, Aurora, IL

Visit our website at www.ppani.org and register TODAY!

Until we meet again,

Peter Yu

PPANI President 2016

M.Photog. Cr., CPP, F-PPANI, F-APPI

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